Monaco Cloud Object Storage as Backup Target

Hello, I do expect the on-prem object storage adoption to go through the roof with backup solutions support for backing up directly to object storage (S3 disruption in ISV Backup Environments). The ratio between the on-prem and cloud looks to be about 50/50. Thanks to S3 endpoint names often carrying a hint on the object storage device behind it, it is clear that Dell EMC ECS remains the king of large-scale on-prem object storage deployments. Data showed that object storage was almost exclusively used by enterprise customers, these days there is also a long tail of smaller deployments on vendors like Monaco Cloud (Object Storage base on Dell ECS nodes). Here’s a blog post about Monaco Cloud Object Storage as backup target with Veeam B&R v12.1.

Monaco Cloud Object Storage

Why Monaco Cloud?

First Cloud Provider to meet the resilience requirements for inclusion. Positive customer feedback, performance and security by design.

The Market Opportunity:

    -More and more ISVs are offering S3 API direct to Object storage at the backend. The market is going through huge transition,
    -Backup ISV customers need Object Storage, ISV vendors are pushing S3,
    -For example, Veeam has a major new release (v12) “Object Everywhere”.


What is Object Lock?

Object Lock is a data protection feature wherein a user can designate certain files or “objects” to be immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted by anyone. Via the policies of data management applications, users set an allotted time for an object to be immutable, after which it can be altered or deleted. Withing Dell ECS S3 immutable retention period, backups cannot be deleted by any user, even if ransomware or a malicious actor acquires the root credentials. Object Lock provides 2 ways to manage object retention: retention periods and legal holds. Once imposed, the object lock prohibits deletion of data from the archive extent until the immutability expiration date comes. Retention period specifies a fixed period of time during which an object remains locked. Legal hold provides the same protection as a retention period, but it has nos expiration date.


Example of Veeam and Monaco Cloud architecture (secure by design):

Veeam Monaco Cloud

Note: Veeam B&R v12 comes out with its support for backing up directly to object storage.

Why backup directly to Object Storage?:

    -Built-in durability/reliability: “10 nines” offered by Dell ECS architecture,
    -Leader: Dell ECS technology,
    -Alternative to Hardened Repository & “Appliance” demand (for customers without Linux knowledge for example),
    -Financial reasons (existing Object Storage can be cheaper than SAN),
    -Management reasons (less hardware in branch offices/home office),
    -Security (Immutability with S3 Object Lock: Management end enforcement of retention policies and legal holds for objects and buckets. Then, S3 IAM – Identity and Access Management: Access control for IAM users similar to AWS IAM user access control in all respects including ACLs. And S3 Versioning: Data abd application recovery for accidental disaster or cyber attack use cases.
    -Resiliency and Security by design architecture (WAF and Load Balancers, Hardening, Geo Replication offered by Dell ECS so 2 native different copies (useful to respect 3-2-1-1 rule)..

Monaco Cloud Object Storage

    -Sovereign Cloud,
    -Data Privacy.

Monaco Cloud Object Storage


Uses-cases with Monaco Cloud Object Storage:

    -Backup copy jobs that only copy the newest X restore points to cloud Object Storage,
    -Direct to cloud, with good connection or low RPO/RTO requirements,
    -Agents running in the cloud.


Dell ECS overview:

Dell ECS is a multipurpose, software-defined, Veeam Ready solution, cloud-scale object storage platform that delivers the ease of use and economics of the public cloud without the data sovereignty and security concerns. ECS features native multitenancy to deliver Backup and Archiving as a Service that can support multiple tenants and applications on a single, easy-to-manage cloud storage platform. ECS brings the cost profile, simplicity and scale of public cloud services to everyone with the trust, reliability and support you expect from Dell Technologies. ECS is an ideal choice for storing, managing and protecting unstructured data using S3 whether on-premises, in a hybrid cloud or in a private cloud.

Dell Technologies and Veeam work together so you can do more with data, all at a lower total cost of ownership for critical use cases, such as line-of-business applications, websites, mobile apps, IoT data stores, analytics initiatives and longterm archives. Dell EMC ECS is a Veeam Ready object storage with immutability solution, so you can rest assured features meet Veeam’s functional and performance standards.

With the massive increase in ransomware attacks, cyber security has become a major concern for government and business enitities of every description. To help address this problem, both Veeam and ECS support AWS Object Lock for data immutabiliity. This means that a second immutable copy of your backup or replicated data will be protected in the event of a ransomware attack. This copy can be stored at an offsite location. The immutable copy provides you with an untouched copy of the data that is safe and always recoverable.


Fixed in v12:
Workaround today: use undelete scripts provided by S3 vendor

Object Lock

More infos on Veeam Community Forum: Here.


Health Checks for Veeam Capacity Tier:

It’s cheap: check existence of objects instead reading entirely. It’s cheap because it only cost API calls. 1$ per 190TB (depends on customer pricing of course). Health check enabled per default (new installations).

Veeam Availability Suite 12.1

Object Storage performance improvements with Veeam v12.1:

  • Faster deletions,
  • Faster rescan,
  • Faster import.


Monaco Digital (first Monaco Cloud partner) made the offer of trial free account on Monaco Cloud Objet Storage, we’ve a tremendous response and sign-ups. We continue to get positive feedback about the simplicity of using Wasabi with Veeam for continued education, experimentation, demos, and POCs. kindly send an email to and we’ll take care of you.


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