Original-Network.com was founded in 2011 with the desire to build a smarter IT infrastructure to reduce the carbon footprint (IT for Green). We developed a smart solution using green energy (solar panels) then we adapted it to an IT infrastructure. The hardware system was managed by an application that allows monitoring and managing the infrastructure remotely. Thanks to this project, Original Network was rewarded in Paris for the Imagine Cup 2013 (National Innovation Winner and Best Startup Project French finalist). Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp.

Since 2014, the Original-Network.com website became an English-speaking resource and it is one of the Top Backup sites with weekly updates. Our desire is to offer a more pure cybersecurity knowledge sharing for dynamic enterprises – one that focuses on a tailored and interoperable security ecosystem (Data Protection, Hybrid Cloud, IAM, Detection & Response, Vulnerability Management, SASE, etc.). We continue to believe in the power of people-oriented partnerships. Our security experts become trusted members of the communities. Additionally, we go above and beyond to ensure timely delivery and publish effective blog posts (Infosec blog for readers who want to stay secure.). We write about the latest cybersecurity updates, vulnerabilities, Zero Day, threats, and other trending security news. As a result, you gain the relevant resources to help keep you aware and secure.

Original-Network.com is proud to be a trusted authority across our industry. Our team provides personalized blog posts, and support across a variety of Data Management, Security, and Cyber Resilience.

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Christopher Glémot as a Chief Technology Officer at Monaco Digital, engages with communities and customers to share his knowledge and collect feedback to improve the hybrid cloud and edge offers, and also cybersecurity offers. Christopher helps communities and organizations with the adoption of security by design and provides an engineering-focused effort designed to improve the customer hybrid and multi-cloud experience. He has covered operations as well as consulting within various industries. He possesses a wide range of skills and experiences that enable him to perform multiple roles.

Christopher works closely with communities to promote Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Varonis technology as a Public Speaker and other Technical events.

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Christopher Glémot

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