Veeam v12.1 KMS Support

Veeam revealed the new features that will be available with the next release of VBR v12.1. With these new releases, Veeam further extends the feature set available in these products with a focus on Security & Compliance general improvements. Here’s blog post about Key Management System Support.

Veeam Availability Suite 12.1

Next release of Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1 (currently version 12) will provide the following new features and enhancements. Security features list:

    Security & Compliance: Malware detection

  • Security & Compliance Dashboard
  • Inline detection (encryption & ransom notes)
  • In-guest detection via guest-index
  • YARA rules support
  • Automated scans via SureBackup
  • On-Demand scans
  • Malware events & false positives
  • Incident API
  • How to test features above
    Security & Compliance: General

  • Key management systems support (KMIP)
  • Four Eyes approval
  • SIEM integration (syslog support)
  • Security & Compliance analyzer
  • Removed “Files” Tab For Non-Admin Users
  • Warning on short encryption passwords
    Security & Compliance: Immutability News

  • Dell Data Domain Retention Lock support
  • HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy immutability
  • Object Lock Governance Mode
  • Immutable configuration backup on object storage
  • Consistent immutability in SOBR
  • Hardened Repository: Time step detection


Key Management System Support:

KMS allows increased security with regular password changes and centralized password management via KMIP protocol VBR <-> key management server.


    — Backup & Backup Copy job
    — NAS backup
    — Log backup
    — Managed by Server agents
    — Repository encryption settings (RHV, AHV, Kasten) + external repositories
    — Cloud Connect
    — Capacity Tier
    — Tapes


    — Managed by Agent policies
    — Standalone agents
    — Backup jobs of Veeam Backup for AHV, RHV, Azure, AWS & Google (everything that is a “plugin” product). Please note that repository encryption for AHV & RHV is supported!
    — Configuration backup


The problem with Encryption Passwords:

  • Passwords never change,
  • Weak passwords (Note: At Monaco Digital, we recommend 40 characters minimum).
  • Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS

    Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS


    The solution for Encryption Passwords:

    Key management server:

  • Automatic password changes,
  • Strong password,
  • KMIP version 2.0+ supported.

    A Key Management Server (KMS) is a centralized system or software component that is used to manage and distribute encryption keys in a secure manner. KMS plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of data in various cryptographic systems, particularly in the context of secure communication and data protection. KMS is commonly used in various applications, including data encryption (to protect sensitive information at rest). It plays a critical role in ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data in many modern systems and applications.


    Strongly recommended:

  • Configure Enterprise Manager for “lost password protection”.
  • Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS


    Add Key Management Server:

    1) Server certificate: public root CA certificate to validate KMS server,
    2) Client certificate: combined private key + public certificate (this one, including private key, is created by the KMIP server and is provided by the KMIP admin).

    Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS

    Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS


    Configure Encryption In Job / Repository:

    Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS

    Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS

    Veeam Availability Suite 12.1 KMS


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