VeeamLIVE 2020 – Cloud Data Management

Hi, in almost one month from now on October 20th, Veeam will deliver #VeeamLIVE! that will give the audience actionable Cloud Data Management guidance and help propel their business forward. Veeam knows virtual attendance isn’t easy, so Veeam is upping their game and making the entire conference Live to bring you best practices, “how-to” sessions, demos, and Q&As with end-users, industry, and Veeam experts. Attendees will learn to have an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, set the strategy right for their organization, and be part of the future of Cloud Data Management. Here´s the landing page that you can check here and already register yourself 😉

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Backup Best Practices in Action

The Backup Bible (Backup Best Practices in Action) is an ambitious project produced by Altaro and written by Microsoft MVP Eric Siron that aims to be the definite guide to backup and disaster recovery for companies of all sizes.

The first eBook in the series was published earlier this year and focused on how to create a robust backup strategy including the key stakeholders you’ll need to deal with and the questions you’ll need to ask yourself to prepare yourself for potential data loss event.

Part 2 – Backup Best Practices in Action – follows on from this starting point explaining how to implement this strategy and showing the reader what secure backup looks like on a day-to-day basis.

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This SysAdmin Day, WIN with Altaro!

This SysAdmin Day, WIN with Altaro! SysAdmin Day has arrived, and with it, gratitude for all the unsung heroes that 2020 has needed. Your hard work has made it possible for all of us to keep going, despite all challenges thrown our way. Now it is Altaro’s turn to thank YOU.

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Special Webinar Event – Veeam v10

Updated (April, 16): Webinar via Webex – New register link

Hi, I have the opportunity to participate in a live webcast in French between Veeam Software and Monaco Digital – Avangarde for presenting Veeam Availability Suite v10 new features (NAS Backup, Cloud Tier, Instant VM Recovery to VMware, etc.) and how Veeam Availability Suite v10 allows to accelerate the backup process, increase data safety and reduce expenses (Special Webinar Event – Veeam v10). Join our online discussion via Microsoft Teams with the VeeamTeam, taking place on Monday, April 30 at 11:00 AM. Duration: 1 hour. Speaker: Christopher Glémot (Data Protection & Governance Team Lead / Monaco Digital – Veeam Vanguard & Veeam Certified Engineer). Register via Webex, join us directly via this link and learn how Veeam and Monaco Digital – Avangarde can fast-working together… 🙂

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Veeam B&R 10 Patch 1 Installation

Hi, Veeam released Veeam Backup and Replication 10 Patch 1, This patch addresses a number of top support issues reported on the v10 GA build (Veeam B&R 10 Patch 1 Installation). This patch is fully supported by Veeam technical support, who is standing by to assist all early adopters.

This technical article provides a step by step guide to upgrade Veeam B&R 10 (build to Veeam B&R 10 build be version P1 (Veeam Backup and Replication 10 Upgrade). If you need to upgrade your Veeam Backup Server (v9.5) you can follow this article.

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