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Environment, Social & Governance


We are committed to advancing sustainability, equity, and trust by embedding ESG into everything we do at Every blog post we publish, and every reader we empower is an opportunity to help build a more sustainable, equitable, and secure future.

We recognize that we cannot do this alone, which is why we’ll need to co-innovate with our entire stakeholder ecosystem including hosting provider, partners, and our broader communities.

Sustainability is core to Original Network’s values, which is evident based on our legacy of decarbonizing digital infrastructure for our own operations. We set technology-based targets to guide our emissions reduction goals for the Blog: Green host and make the site more efficient.

Original Nework’s carbon footprint:

Web sustainability is a huge topic and covers a lot of aspects, from technical details to design and the way you organize your content. Why is it such an important topic? Because climate change is a serious threat and can no longer be ignored. All of us need to work together to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. And although it might not be the first thing that pops into your head, this also includes websites. Online traffic actually has an extensive impact on our environment and this impact is growing every year.

According to the Website Carbon Calculator, the average web page they test produces approximately 0.5 grams of CO2 per pageview. That translates to 60 kg of CO2 per year for a website with 10,000 monthly pageviews. Blog appears to be running on sustainable energy:

GreenFrame analysis:

GreenFrame displays a summary of the carbon emissions (in g of CO2e) and the breakdown of emissions by scenario.

This analysis runs a single scenario called “single page analysis”, and monitors the browser only.

This analysis shows that this scenario emits 73 mg of CO2 equivalent (eq. CO2), and more than 54% in the web browser: