Step by Step Guide Veeam B&R 12 Upgrade

Next week, Veeam will release Veeam Backup and Replication 12, which contains some significant improvements. With this release, Veeam wants to allow you to control and securely backup and recover your data anywhere in the hybrid cloud. Veeam enables organizations to confidently move to the cloud, avoiding lock-in with cloud mobility, and simplifying operations for Backup Administrators (jobs management, backup migration, etc.). Here’s an overview of new features. This build is fully supported by Veeam technical support, who is standing by to assist all early adopters. Don’t miss the launch event, you can register here. Veeam will do a bunch of live demos to show off new v12 capabilities. You can learn more about Veeam Backup and Replication v12 new features here.

This technical article provides a step by step guide to upgrade Veeam B&R 11 to Veeam B&R 12 (Veeam Backup and Replication 12 Upgrade). If you need to upgrade your Veeam Backup Server (to v11) you can follow this article.


For more security:

The first step is to realize a configuration backup of Veeam server (“Configuration Backup” menu on the screenshot below) and SQL database backup. If the Veeam Backup Server is deployed on a Virtual Machine, execute a backup of this VM with Veeam B&R or a snapshot.

Disable your backups jobs:

Veeam Jobs

When the backup is done, you can close Veeam software and restart the Windows server (reboot). Basically, I recommend you to stop properly the Veeam services before upgrading (services.msc).

Veeam Services

You have to upgrade VEM component before Veeam B&R software.

VBR- Veeam Backup & Replication:

Veeam Backup and Replication 12 Upgrade: You have to run the installation file “VeeamBackup&Replication_12.0.0.1420_20230209.iso”.

Veeam Backup and Replication 12 Upgrade: Then click on “Upgrade”.

Veeam files

Once the wizard is launched, click on the “Upgrade Veeam Backup & Replication” button.

Veeam Wizard

Veeam Wizard

Accept the license agreement and click on the “I accept” button.

Veeam Wizard

Click on the “Next >” button.

Veeam Wizard

Provide the license file in v12 and click on the “Next >” button.

Veeam Wizard

Specify Veeam Backup & Replication service account and password, then click on the “Next >” button.

Veeam Wizard

Select the SQL Server database, specify SQL Server service account and password, then click on the “Next >” button.

Veeam Wizard

Click on the “Yes” button.

Veeam Wizard

Click on the “Upgrade” button.

Veeam Wizard

The upgrade took about a few minutes to complete.

Veeam Wizard

Once the upgrade completed, a prompt appeared to finalize the installation. Click on the “Finish” button.

Post Reboot:

When the upgrade is done, I recommend you restart properly the Windows server (reboot).

Once the reboot completes and Veeam B&R software has been opened, you can update all distributed components (especially Mount Server, Transport, and vPower NFS) via the “BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE” menu.

Select servers to update and click the “Apply” button.

Veeam Wizard

Veeam Wizard

Finally, when all components have been upgraded.

Veeam Wizard

Veeam B&R 12 does not require new job creation or any architecture changes for your existing backups and replication to work. If there are dedicated Veeam proxy servers in the environment, now is a good time to upgrade those servers, otherwise, Veeam is now ready to use. Version:

Veeam Wizard

I recommend you to execute Active Full backup to benefit from the new backup mechanism (v11 engine).

Veeam Wizard

Finally, don’t forget to edit your Virtual Lab (DataLab). Basically, the proxy appliance in v12 needs to be upgraded.

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