Why backup directly to Object Storage?

Hello, I do expect the on-prem object storage adoption to go through the roof with backup solutions support for backing up directly to object storage. The ratio between the on-prem and cloud looks to be about 50/50. Thanks to S3 endpoint names often carrying a hint on the object storage device behind it, it is clear that Dell EMC ECS remains the king of large-scale on-prem object storage deployments. Data showed that object storage was almost exclusively used by enterprise customers, these days there is also a long tail of smaller deployments on vendors like Wasabi (Cloud Hot Storage). Why backup directly to Object Storage?

Object Storage

Why backup directly to Object Storage?:

    -Built-in durability/reliability: “11 nines” offered by vendors,
    -Alternative to Hardened Repository & “Appliance” demand (for customers without Linux knowledge for example),
    -Financial reasons (existing Object Storage can be cheaper than SAN),
    -Management reasons (less hardware in branch offices/home office),
    -Security (Object Lock is a data protection feature wherein a user can designate certain files or “objects” to be immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted by anyone. Via the policies of data management applications, users set an allotted time for an object to be immutable, after which it can be altered or deleted.).

Object Lock


    -Backup copy jobs that only copy the newest X restore points to cloud Object Storage,
    -Backup to on-premises Object Storage (such as Dell EMC ECS, DataCore SWARM etc.),
    -Direct to cloud, with good connection or low RPO/RTO requirements (Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage platform for example),
    -Agents running in the cloud.

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