[PODCAST] Veeam User Group France #1

Hi! Thank you for coming in a great number 3 weeks ago to Veeam User Group France #1 event focused on Backup Architectures secure by design and Security. I had the opportunity to participate in a live podcast in French with Yoann Castillo (Team Lead Systems Engineering @Veeam), and Eric Machabert (CISO & CTO @Maincare Solutions), talking about: Cloud, Data Protection and Security. Watch the recording of the live podcast in french below.

VUGFR 2021


You can still rewatch the record (French) of the streamed session also on Youtube.

So unfortunately that Apache Log4j vulnerability from the week before ended up a dumpster fire type of situation. In the middle of last week, the second vulnerability was found and fixed in version 2.16, causing another round of urgent patching. And now over the weekend, the third vulnerability was disclosed and patched in version 2.17. This is really not a great trend to enter the Christmas week with, as with many people taking some days off few will be left to actually do the patching! Here’s a step-by-step guide Log4J Remediations & Recommendations.

Fr Veeam User Group portal => here. Follow us on #VUGFR.

Special thanks to Veeam France (Anabel, Yoann, and Najoua) and Eric. 🙂

Happy holidays,

Fr Veeam User Group

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