VUG Fr Day in Monaco Recap

Veeam User Group France in Monaco has officially concluded! The first VUG Fr event for data recovery experts brought together French community members in Monaco. French VUG Leaders, Veeam Legends, and Vanguards were given the opportunity to join Veeam in person for the first physical event. Over 65 Veeam users from across the south of France traveled to Monaco, as well as 10 Veeam staff who were also present in Monaco, and 7 sponsors (Veeam ecosystem partners). Let’s recap the community involvement at VUG Fr this year.


Presenters – VUG Fr in Monaco had the greatest presence of Veeam users members out of all Veeam community in the south of France yet. Over 20 Veeam people, Veeam Ecosystem partners, Vanguards/Legends presented their ideas and expertise to the public this first edition.

Breakout Sessions:


VUG Fr Leaders Intro: a 35-minute small, casual gathering hosted by Vanguards/Legends. Experts introduced the Veeam User Group community (community’s goals, agenda of the day, introduced the sponsors: Monaco Digital, Dell Technologies, TD Synex, ExaGrid, Nutanix, VMware, and Wasabi) and discussed a topic chosen by the host with the goal of building knowledge & networking with VUG attendees. Monaco Digital did a welcome speech focused on sharing, community, and use cases (thanks to Françoise Milatos). Then, Christophe Fontaine (Senior Regional Technical Sales Director @ Veeam) talked about importance of Veeam community in France, shared Veeam vision and strategy, and explained how Veeam innovates again with: VBR v12a, Kubernetes with more integrations between VBR and Kasten K10 and more. It was also great to hear from Monaco Digital & Veeam France and how the community is key (#vCommunity).



Diving in: VMware Tanzu and Kasten K10 (TD Synex session):

Are you seeing more Kubernetes out in the field? This session was going to dive into the story behind Kasten K10 and VMware Tanzu and the integration points we have today and moving forward. This session was packed with one live demonstration focused on protecting the containers with Veeam Kasten powered by Nicolas Berard (DevOps Engineer @ Monaco Digital) and Clarence Pouthier (SE @ Veeam Kasten), feature plenty of interactivity and there may even be prizes up for grabs. And so valuable speaking slot from Mikael Lelouch (SE @ VMware France), VMware for making Tanzu such an incredible way for enterprises to build, run, manage, and secure their modern/ized applications!


ExaGrid Integration with the secure Veeam Data Mover:

ExaGrid backup appliances are fully integrated with the Veeam Data Mover (dedicated protocol). Christophe Marie (SE @ ExaGrid France) explained to Veeam users that most of Veeam’s unique features such as Veeam SureBackup, Veeam DataLab, Veeam Instant VM Recovery, Copy and Replicate, and other advanced features require (using Veeam vPower) an undeduplicated backup copy on disk. ExaGrid provides this backup copy due to its unique disk-cache Landing Zone. ExaGrid includes an integrated Veeam Data Mover with each appliance called the “ExaGrid-Veeam Accelerated Data Mover.” This improves all backup and restore processes and also allows a synthetic full to be created directly on the ExaGrid system for increased performance. ExaGrid can create and restore a synthetic full faster and ExaGrid secures backup data (protocol, MFA, network segmentation, Retention Time Lock etc.).

Ransomware Security Unplugged:

Ransomware attacks need to be viewed under the same category as power outages and natural disasters. If detection and prevention mechanisms fail to stop ransomware in its tracks, a speedy recovery is critical. Ransomware session with Philippe Dupuis (Veeam Legend) and Steve Nowak (Veeam), as they walked the cybersecurity journey through and showed how Veeam offers the best security and recovery options in the industry through Resiliency, Security by design architecture, Lateral movement on Backup environment, Defense-in-Depth, Veeam security features, and security best practices.


Veeam capabilities with Dell Technologies ecosystem:

Object storage offers the promise of cost savings, storage elasticity, security, and more. In V12, Veeam expanded it’s support of object storage to include direct-to-object-storage designs, a great option for edge devices and other workloads with flexible RTOs. In this session, Vincent Bruno (SE @ Dell), Christopher Glémot (Veeam Vanguard), Philippe Dupuis (Veeam Legend), and Xavier Bottex (CTO @ Monaco Cloud) outline the supporting architecture and components needed to leverage ECS object storage buckets as a primary repository for storage. More and more ISVs are offering S3 API direct-to-object storage at the backend. Then, they dived deeper into advanced lockdown techniques, leveraging immutable backup features to ensure operational resiliency in the face of ransomware, insider threats, and more. Veeam users walked away from this session with actionable insights needed to stretch cloud investments with Monaco Cloud to their fullest potential, and plug any holes before they leak! Veeam users also discovered Veeam capabilities with Dell Technologies ecosystem: ReFS and XFS on Dell R760xD server, offline backup on Tape (ML3), secure backup and deduplication with Dell DataDomain, and offsite and object lock backup with Dell ECS object storage. The Veeam Hardened Repository with Dell R760xD server is one of the easiest ways to achieve on-premises immutability.


Architecting Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 at Scale:

Microsoft 365 is a critical component for many businesses and organizations, and it’s essential to have a robust and reliable backup solution in place to protect against data loss. In this session, we will delve into the integration between Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7 and Veeam Service Provider Console v7. Designing Backup for Microsoft 365 data is completely different when you are dealing with thousands of users as opposed to hundreds. But what if you have to handle 40,000 users? As a VCSP (Veeam Cloud Service Provider) architect focused on Multi Cloud and Cybersecurity, Monaco Digital had designed systems for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 to handle some of the largest organizations anywhere in Monaco and France. In this session Fabrice Colas (SE @ Veeam France) and Monaco Digital covered best practices and guidance for designing for success backup solutions for large scale organizations and multi-tenancy (Microsoft responsibilities overview, VBO v7 new features etc.).


Veeam and Nutanix AHV in a multi-hypervisor environment:

Veeam supports the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) since 2017 and is able to show an alpha build of the code and demo what functionality would be arriving. Veeam is generally available for the entire Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform, allowing us to protect all virtualized workloads – VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV in an application-consistent state. Support for Nutanix AHV comes with a product Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV which includes many of the same easy-to-use features and functionality from Veeam Backup & Replication in a familiar portable backup file format. This also includes the ability to align your strategy with the 3-2-1 backup methodology through one of our many Veeam Cloud Service Providers (VCSP) partners, tape or backup copy to disk for offsite backups and long-term retention. Jean Françoise Albertini (Senior SE @ Nutanix) outlined the supporting architecture and components needed to deploy Veeam and Nutanix solutions.

Protect your data with Veeam and Wasabi:

In the last session, Eric Peters (Country Manager @ Wasabi) explained how Wsabi has certified multiple Veeam products and features for use as part of their Joint Solution work with Veeam. Wasabi has obtained Veeam Ready Status in both the Object Storage and Object Storage with Immutability categories (Cloud Storage through S3 protocol with Veeam B&R). Two use cases: Offsite backup and immutable backup (Objecti Lock).

Aside from sessions, you could see the community presence at the Veeam Community Booth inside the Campus of Monaco Digital. Throughout the day, attendees could visit, grab swag, and speak to V100 members about the Veeam Community. A big thank you to all Veeam members who came out and joined us at the booth!


Congrats to the 3 winners of the quiz! It was not easy 🙂


A big thank you to all of the Veeam Community who made this event remarkable. We greatly appreciate your passion for sharing knowledge and fostering the thriving community Veeam has. As Anand ESWARAN said at VeeamON 2023, Veeam is only first because it has the #1 community. Thanks to Veeam France Team, to our sponsors: Monaco Digital, Dell Technologies, TD Synex, ExaGrid, Nutanix, VMware, and Wasabi) and to our special guest: Monaco Cloud!


Famous VUG or VMUG vBeer 🙂

Thank you!

Veeam User Group France Leaders



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