Veeam and the S3-compatible object storage solutions

Talking about the 4 hyperscalers (Amazon/Azure/Google/IBM), as expected Amazon and Azure are unquestionable leaders leaving just a few percent of the Veeam backup market to IBM and Google. While among the last two, IBM seems to be laser-focused on larger customers as indicated by a few times higher average used space.

Object Storage

Moving to S3-compatible object storage next. Looking at the deployments above 100TB, the ratio between the on-prem and cloud looks to be about 50/50. Thanks to S3 endpoint names often carrying a hint on the object storage device behind it, it is clear that Dell EMC ECS remains the king of large-scale on-prem object storage deployments. Although if they were practically the only contestant last year, now the top 10 largest deployments also include Hitachi HCP and Scality. Another interesting trend is the adoption of S3-compatible on-prem object storage by SMB customers. If in 2020, data showed that object storage was almost exclusively used by enterprise customers, these days there is also a long tail of smaller deployments on vendors like Wasabi (Cloud Hot Storage) and Cloudian. So I do expect the on-prem object storage adoption to go through the roof after Veeam B&R V12 comes out with its support for backing up directly to object storage.

Shortly, I will publish some blog posts about object storage overview and on Wasabi, Cloud Hot Storage provider. It’s a very interesting solution. With it, you can store your data by making data storage simple, affordable, fast, and secure (compliance, sovereignty). Basically, there are many use cases, such as offsite backup, especially with Veeam.

Next week, I will participate in VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas. Very excited to be here again for this event and to meet our innovative and historic partner. Can’t wait to meet you all and attend the sessions!

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