Veeam v12 Linux Without SSH And SUDO

In Veeam B&R v11, Veeam introduced the ability to build your own immutable (Veeam Immutable Backup), hardened backup repositories on Linux. In the upcoming Veeam Availability Suite v12 release, Veeam announced some new features. Here’s a blog post about Linux permissions management in v12.

Veeam Availability Suite 12

Manage Linux Without SSH And SUDO:

    -Physical, VMware & Hyper-V,
    -Application processing and agent management,
    -No sudo requirements after installation,
    -SSH required for deployment,
    -Future: standalone deployment option as in Windows today.

Veeam Availability Suite 12

Veeam still uses ports 2500-3300 per default for backup.

Single-use credentials are required. That stops insecure configurations that were possible in the past.

Dedicated repository type:



Single-use credentials required Immutability cannot be “unchecked:


Massively Simplified Upgrades => No SSH/credentials are needed anymore.

Other Linux improvements:
-Linux proxy: Backup from Storage Snapshots for NFS,
-CDP proxy on Linux,
-Tape server on Linux.

Hardened Repository Immutability Support (v12 overview):


To better protect backup data, you should follow some guidelines to enforce security:

    -Although persistent credentials can be used, is recommended the use the new Single-use credentials for the hardened repositories during the deployment to avoid storing the credentials in Veeam B&R,
    SSH should be disabled,
    -Time should be synced with a reliable NTP Server to avoid time changes from a potential attacker. Time changes could alter the Immutability retention,
    iDRAC, iLO or other remote management solutions to the repository should be disabled or hardened.

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