Veeam Community Hub overview

Veeam Community Hub is a space full of amazing people and some great content. Entering for the first time can be a little overwhelming, so here is a blog post with some recommended areas to check out.


When you scroll down the front page, you will find various categories. I recommend looking at the General Information first: Here. Here you will find an introduction to the Community and its offerings.

Under the Community categories on the front page, you will find the Discussion Boards: Here. Here you will find discussions around Veeam, the Community, and industry information. If you ever have a question, be sure to add it to the Discussion Board. The Community is filled with great minds who can assist. If you see a question that you can answer or a discussion you want to contribute to – add a comment!

Lastly, look at the top of the Community page and enter the Groups category. That is where Veeam User Groups such as VUG France and Thematic Groups are located. We have VUGs (Veeam User Group) all around the world. Join your local VUG and converse in your native language. If you do not see your country/language represented, let us know. If there is enough interest, we are always willing to add another VUG. Currently, there are four Thematic Groups: Cyber Security Space, Automation Desk, Kasten K10 Support, and Kubernetes Korner. If you are interested in a certain topic and want to learn more, join them and engage.

Example with Veeam User Group France in Monaco (Thursday 14, September):



Hopefully, this gives you an idea of where to start looking and engaging in the Community Hub. If you ever have questions regarding the platform, let Madi (@Madi.Cristil) or Safiya (@safiomo).

Happy exploring!


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