VMware Explore General Session Recap

VMware Explore General Session Recap – Looking forward to an exciting week full of knowledge acquisition and networking, the event has begun with the General Session at VMware Explore in Barcelona. Basically, the keynote provides some very good techie announcements, but it needs to also apply more of a business perspective of how these deliver business value. If you’re in Barcelona for the big event and still have some space to fill in your schedule, be sure to meet Monaco Digital’s teams and talk about Cloud, Edge, Data Protection, and Security.

VMware Explore

In the beginning, Raghu Raghuram (Chief Executive Officer at VMware) was on stage after one animation of the journey of an electron on a mobile app to the database and back, complex and multi-faceted a very good example of how tech looks like a Swan. It was also great to hear from Raghu and how the community is key (#vCommunity).

VMware Explore

VMware Explore

VMware Explore

Cloud Smart by VMware:

First, behind every app are teams of people that make it possible — developers, platform eng, cloud ops, security.. 85M apps are being managed by enterprise organizations. Another example of complexity. According to VMware, Cloud Smart is replacing Cloud First as the model approach to cloud applications.

VMware Explore

VMware Explore

Cloud Smart by VMware benefits are accelerated app dev, consistent infra, and a better customer experience. That is the aim of all, but having visibility and control will help, but all of this must be underpinned by strong security. Keep in mind, the application determines the location (on-prem, cloud, container, etc.).

VMware Explore

VMware Cloud universal now includes all hyperscalers and cloud providers. This brings lots of flexibility to VMware customers looking at the public cloud. VMware Cross-Cloud Services is here to help.

There’s a new battleground in security – lateral security:

Lateral security is a big challenge to organizations. Lateral security is needed to stop attacks going machine to machine, workload to workload. This is where NSX comes in. But NSX goes beyond this, introducing Project NorthStar. It’s SaaS-based networking and security offering a set of on-demand multi-cloud networking and security services with end-to-end visibility and then controls.

Project NorthStar is the latest project under the VMware NSX umbrella. It will control all your network traffic, no matter where it is coming from multi-cloud security policy management. In fact, you will able to manage your security policies on a global scale. We have no more information, but it should be an NSX extension.

VMware Explore

Then, Joe Baguley (VP & CTO, EMEA at VMware) was on stage talking about the customer journey to cloud smart. The big thing has to be organizations having a clear sensible strategic IT plan with the correct governance. This drives behaviors and those will then translate to cloud smart.

New: VMware announced a partnership with HPe to make VMware portfolio and cloud capabilities available as part of GreenLake so many use cases. He also announced VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal. All the benefits of a VMware cloud anywhere you do business in close proximity to every hyperscaler. Bare metal on Equinix, and Dell for private cloud platforms further expanding private cloud PAYG consumption models.

VMware Explore

Sovereign cloud from VMware is a software layer that provides the isolation needed and the air gap required to make the cloud truly Sovereign. It’s a hot topic in EMEA. 95% of enterprises view data sovereignty as a business concern.

VMware Explore

Energy Transformation front and center in VMware Explore keynote:

Kit Colbert (CTO at VMware) shifts the focus to greater efficiency and driving down energy consumption. The question is “How do we need to co-innovate the acceleration in energy transformation to help ourselves in the future?”.

VMware Explore

Energy consumption is a global problem…. but there are solutions to reduce it. By the way, the power usage and dealing with being more efficient with energy. Co-innovating is needed, 576 TW/hrs is the current ICT global power usage, and this will increase by 210% by 2030. Note: Today’s networks and data centers consume more energy than Germany. And even more than India by 2030.

Private cloud innovations include p-state and DPUs but some other things like DR capabilities being virtual, there are many more things that combined will reduce the energy footprint.

Cloud Chaos:

Next up: Joe Baguley and Amanda Blevins (VP and CTO Americas at VMware) discussed how we ended up in Cloud Chaos and how we move to Cloud Smart (explaining the complexity of using multiple clouds and how many companies end up in a state VMware calls “cloud chaos”).

The control plane approach is how VMware delivers a solution to cloud smart. Starting with security at the app dev with Tanzu provides the guardrails to allow dev freedom in a secure way.

Amanda explained how VMware cross-cloud services can accelerate modern application transformation. Provide flexibility with guard rails with consistent operations.

A tip of the hat from Joe and Amanda on the VMware workspace services and how that and the SSE will drive efficiencies across the way we consume and protect our apps and users.

Joe called Anywhere Workspace Services the most important Cloud Smart Service.

VMware SASE will soon be available as a software solution so you can simply run it on your laptop!

Kubernetes adoption and Tanzu:

It’s similar to what we used to have when we moved to virtualization. Take the time to understand and adopt this newer approach

Developer requirement help with Tanzu: Version 1.3 is looking great!

VMware Explore

VMware Image Builder:

Today developers have a multitude of tooling and infrastructure that they have to sort out to build modern apps. So Dashaun (Spring Developer Advocate at VMware Tanzu) announced VMware Image Builder.

VMware Image Builder allows building apps in multiple formats. Now in Beta.

High energy for BETS VMware image builder. Container OSS with compliance for your enterprise.

VMware Explore

VMware Tanzu Mission Control:

VMware Tanzu Mission Control is now available on-prem and with support for air-gapped deployments! Tanzu’goal: bridge the gap of rapid innovation & reduction of risk. Not everyone can run with open source and minimal enterprise support.

Tanzu Service Mesh & Mission Control protect east-west within Kubernetes platforms and services! A growing risk.

VMware Explore

VMware Aria:

Now you can dev for any environment, how do you deploy them to the best environment? VMware announced VMware Aria Hub Free. VMware Aria is a cost-optimized solution.

VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds helps you visualize, prioritize, and reduce misconfigurations across public clouds and Kubernetes environments. In the Hub Free Tier, VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds analyzes your cloud workloads against the CIS benchmark and reports findings.

vSphere 8 and vSAN 8:

Now you have accelerated app dev, what about Edge? VMware Cloud covers core to edge, with vSphere and vSAN 8 is now GA.

VMware Explore

What is Edge? Distributed infrastructure to run workloads outside of the DC. Real-time requirements demand an edge. Teresa Chen on stage talked about the Anywhere Workspace during the general sessions. Shed shared featured Workspace ONE and Vmware Horizon. Read here for more.

Project NorthStar:

Project NorthStar is a policy as a service in the network. This works from core to edge, and the policies and controls are applied consistently wherever the workload is. Project NorthStar is now a tech preview. Strong Ransomware defense, enhanced observability, and analytics. Keep in mind, a ransomware attack happens every 11 seconds. Organizations need raid ways to recover from ransomware. This is where VMware Ransomware Recovery for VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. Helping you rapidly recover to a good clean point.

Sovereign cloud :

Community hero & top blogger William Lam (Senior Staff Solution Architect at VMware) discussed VMware Cloud outcomes and new capabilities as well as VMware‘s efforts and significant updates around Sovereign Cloud.

Sovereign cloud is a growing demand. Compliance, data sovereignty, etc organizations are examining their supply chain and understanding demand on third parties! Sovereign control with cloud flexibility.

William highlighted VMware sovereign cloud differentiation, giving customers and partners the flexibility to have sovereign cloud meet them on their terms.

The sovereign cloud initiative from VMware is strategically important to so many organizations. It allows them to have all the features of a private cloud while meeting the strict data sovereignty needs as well.

Finally, still pretty cool to see that the most exciting VMware partnership of the last year (the one with McLarenF1) is focussing on End-User Computing!

VMware Explore

Next-gen Horizon Cloud announced. McClaren on stage talked about hybrid working, it is what they have been doing for 40 years.

Key info: 300 sensors on an F1 car! McClaren uses WorkSpace One to improve guest experience, only 24 people have IT in their job title, very interesting for what is a technology company at heart.


Everyone who´s attending this great event, have fun, learn a lot, and enjoy all perks & people you can talk to in person again!


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