[Release] Veeam v12 launch event

I invite you to participate in Veeam v12 launch event week next, February 14! Veeam keynote speakers will present Veeam Backup & Replication v12 as the foundation of the new Veeam Data Platform, which advances enterprise-grade recovery that ensures confidence in the face of disaster or cyberattacks.


In the upcoming Veeam Availability Suite v12 release (Veeam Backup & Replication 12 and Veeam One v12), Veeam announced some new features. With this release, Veeam wants to allow you to control and securely backup and recover your data anywhere in the hybrid cloud. Veeam enables organizations to confidently move to the cloud, avoiding lock-in with cloud mobility, and simplifying operations for Backup Administrators (jobs management, backup migration, etc.). Here’s an overview of new features .

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    1. Veeam new ransomware special announcement. Cartel is particularly methodical in developing and implementing backup removal techniques (on-premise and cloud). The full analysis is available here and is based on their actual proactive victim breach intelligence and subsequent incident response (not a simulated or sandbox environment). Defense-in-depth strategy is the solution and concerns your backup environment… Backups are now target number 1 (secure Backup is your last line of defense);

    2. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud release news (Multi Cloud);

    3. See Veeam v12 in action: the demos of the most anticipated V12 capabilities – including direct-to-object storage backups and new immutability functionality.

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Veeam v12

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