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Many thanks for your visit in 2021, we wish you all the best for the New Year 2022 to all of the loyal readers of! Hope you have the energy and the element of good fortune we will all need to ensure a successful to the new year and a prosperous future beyond that. I would also like to thank Veeam Software (in particular Daria) which is the first supporter that sponsors this blog. Special thanks to our partner 2021: Quantum. Then thanks to Veeam France (in particular Anabel) and Monaco Digital – Avangarde, we organized 3 webinars and 2 events! Many events will be coming in 2022… 😉 Finally, special thanks to Philippe DUPUIS (Data Management & Security Eneginner @ Monaco Digital), we published the first blog post about Netwrix (Active Directory Security and Data Protection) and the first blog post about Quantum (LTO9 & Offline Backup with Quantum Active Vault). Discover Top 3 Most Viewed Posts in 2021 below…


The three which were the most read through the year are:

1) Step by Step Guide Veeam B&R 11 Upgrade

The first post is focused on Veeam B&R v11. Veeam released Veeam Backup and Replication version 11, hich contains some significant improvements: CDP new feature, immutable Linux repositories (security), Expanded Instant Recovery and others. This article provides a step by step guide to upgradeL Veeam B&R 11 (Veeam B&R 11 Upgrade).

2) Step by Step Guide Veeam Agent for Windows

4 years ago, Veeam released Veeam Agent for Windows (VAW). This article provides a step-by-step guide to install Veeam Agent for Windows. Veeam Agents (Windows and Linux) are powerful. They can allow you to back up your physical workload. Since Veeam B&R 9.5 Update 3 release, Veeam allows you to manage and monitor your Veeam Backup and Replication environment and the whole of your workstations and standalone servers since only one interface!

3) Veeam B&R 11 – Continuous Data Protection

The third post is focused on Veeam B&R 11 CDP. The third post the most read last year is an article written in 2020. Veeam CDP (Continuous Data Protection) is one of my best new features in Veeam Availability Suite 11 (Veeam Backup & Replication v11), it provides better SLAs for end-users by using new VMware technology. Veeam CDP (without snapshots) – VMware continuous data protection to reduce RPOs from minutes to seconds. It leverages VMware’s VAIO framework to reliably intercept and redirect VM I/O to the replica without a need to create standard VM snapshots.

Visitors of per country:
There are from 191 different countries. Not surprising, USA is by far ahead.

  • USA 50%
  • UK 8%
  • France 8%
  • Germany 8%
  • Others 26%

Total 100%
(Source: Google Analytics)

Basically, It was an honor to be part of the #VeeamVanguard line up 2021. Enjoyed a great time in Prague (Vanguard Summit). Hope to see you next year again! Thanks to Veeam especially Rick Vanover, Nikola, and Veeam Vanguard staff.

2022, what’s new?

This year, we will do a focus on Data Protection, Security & Data Management!

Stay tuned through RSS, and social media channels (Twitter & Facebook)!

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