VMware Explore General Session Recap

VMware Explore General Session Recap – Looking forward to an exciting week full of knowledge acquisition and networking, the event has begun with the General Session at VMware Explore in Barcelona. Basically, the keynote provides some very good techie announcements, but it needs to also apply more of a business perspective of how these deliver business value. If you’re in Barcelona for the big event and still have some space to fill in your schedule, be sure to meet Monaco Digital’s teams and talk about Cloud, Edge, Data Protection, and Security.

VMware Explore

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Veeam v12 Platform Overview

Veeam Platform v12 advances enterprise-grade recovery capabilities that ensure confidence in the face of disaster or cyber attack. New direct-to-object storage, advanced cloud application backups (Veeam Backup for Salesforce), greater cyber security protection, and operational efficiencies allow you to protect mire and recover faster, all from a single platform, and new features in v12.


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OpenSSL patch (v3.0.7) for Vulnerability 2022

The OpenSSL patch (v3.0.7) is now released (OpenSSL patch v3.0.7 for Vulnerability 2022), and you still have time to assess what are the potentially vulnerable products in your environment. Here’s the link to download the fix. OpenSSL security update is out, with fixes for CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602. Vulnerabilities were also downgraded from Critical to High after last week’s hype turned out to be a wet fart. We covered some background about the upcoming vulnerability and attached some tools for detection.


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Building a SOC

Whether you’re protecting a bank, highway users, or the local grocery store, certain common sense security rules apply. At the very least, you need locks on entrances and exits, cash registers and vaults as well as cameras pointed at these places and others throughout the facility or on the roads. The same goes for your network. Controlling access with tools like passwords, ACLs, firewall rules and others aren’t quite good enough. You still have to constantly monitor that these security controls continue to work across all of your devices so that you can spot strange activity that may indicate a possible exposure. With this blog post, we’ll go into detail on Security Operation Center (SOC) overview.

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List of vendors and software affected by the OpenSSL vulnerability

On this page we display a list of vendors and their software affected and not affected by the OpenSSL vulnerability in version 3.X. This page is being updated as soon as we issue the corresponding security bulletin and according of the feedback of the vendors.


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