World Backup Day – VeeamON 2023

What a great World Backup Day we had this Friday! No better day to kick off the run-up to VeeamON 2023 at the end of May in Miami. The event is for Data Recovery Experts! The agenda is available at If you’re not registered yet, feel free to let me know, I’ll get you a discount code and we’ll see each other there together.


I’ll be there with my mate Philippe Dupuis and the Veeam100 Community (Vanguards/Legends) leading the way on all sorts of content! Session-wise, I’ll be teaming up with Eric Machabert and Julien Mousqueton talking about cyberattacks and ransomware (live session).

Session title: Feedback: Hit by a ransomware, what’s next?

Session description: France is one of the top five countries hit by a ransomware in 2022. Healthcare has been one of the most impacted sectors. All three speakers for this session, Eric as a CISO/CTO in a healthcare solution provider, Julien as a CTO Cybersecurity in an ICT company, and Christopher as a CTO in an ICT and Security Services Provider company work for healthcare. In the past few years, they have all been involved with their customers in several cyberattacks via intrusion, data theft, ransomware, and many others. Unsolved, these attacks can have major consequences on your company. Based on the speakers’ experience, they’ll share with you what happens during a ransomware attack and their best practices to react faster with efficiency. They hope their experiences and tips will ensure that this kind of incident is in the past for you.


VeeamON 2023 is an opportunity for backup and recovery professionals to come together and build on each other’s best practices, tough lessons, and successes, curating actionable insights for the year ahead. From ransomware threats to cloud-first mandates, VeeamON will cover it all so you can future-proof your recovery and keep your business running. Let’s EXPAND our backup, cloud, and security skillsets together.

1. Gain hands-on and deep technical knowledge for the NEW Veeam Data Platform and the enterprise-grade capabilities of Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v12 through demos and hands-on Labs
2. Learn by attending over 60 breakout sessions covering cyber resiliency, multi-cloud protection, backup and recovery best practices and lessons learned, Kubernetes, etc.
3. 15mion ShortBytes sessions hosted in a dedicated room onsite, offering a brown bag style content block full of deep dive, SE-driven, community-focused content. These are designed to highlight backup and recovery for specific workloads including SQL, Oracle RMAN, Linux Servers, AWS Databases, and more.
4. Hosted by the office of the CTO, learn Industry Insights in a popular live-streamed show geared to help with stories and proof points you need to advocate for transformational projects within your organization.
5. Check out the Veeam Village where you can catch a live podcast, enroll yourself in the LabWarz competition or have fun at our can’t miss the closing celebration.
6. Listen to incredible sponsors and partners at the Tech Festival who will be showcasing even more solutions to help solve the complex challenges you face daily in today’s IT world.

10% discount on tickets via

We have created a special promo code “COMMUNITY” that will give you a 10% discount on tickets for attending the event in person. You are welcome to share this promo code with your peers, and it will remain valid until the end of ticket sales.



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