Cybersecurity and Data in F1

F1 is as much about speed as it is about technology. Approximately 100-300 sensors on a F1 car. F1 technology has supercharged the world, the car is like a “computer”. F1 is dictated by information technology nowadays. Without computer data, there is no success in F1.



A F1 team produces approximately one TB of computer data every race weekend, and they retain it indefinitely. F1 live data (telemetry) are forwarded from the race to F1 engineers stationed remotely around Europe (often called “Panic Room”). So many important aspects of the car are monitored in real time by a team’s analysts that the actual readout on the car’s dashboard is more for reference. A F1 driver only needs to focus on driving. Without Network, Data Center, Infrastructure, the race data can’t reach its destination and the engineers are in the dark. Engineers supply feedback on things like tire wear and degradation, and monitor what our opponents are doing as well. Car major improvements happen off the racetrack as a result of data analysis. Very interesting for Monaco Digital what is a technology company at heart!


Racing at the elite level is about determination, efficiency, resilience, team work and passion. There’s a new battle ground in security, lateral security.

Cybersecurity management is a particularly challenging aspect in F1. The sector faces some specific challenges, such as: Intrinsic accessibility of equipment, installed in a garage rather than in a protected Data Center; Exponential growth in number of technologies; Many entities involved; Speed of decision-making processes and complexity of the systems that power the dashboards.

With GP races occurring in more than 22 countries, teams have to relocate for every event. This, and the fact that the team has a permanent home base, means that data is being transmitted internationally across several dispersed entry points, thereby significantly expanding the teams’ attack surface. There is danger on and off the track. To protect their networks and data, F1 teams consider adopting the Zero Trust security model. In doing so, the trust that was once automatically given to internal users and devices is eliminated to protect against threats occurring within the enterprise environment.

A collaboration with a SoC (Security Operations Center) such as Monaco Cyber is fundamental for the definition and implementation of an all-encompassing cyber security solution that can help protect F1 team against any unauthorized intrusions, espionage activities, and cyber attacks.


Strategy is the key to success in F1. The days of going flat out to win are long gone and now, with tyre wear so important in races, drivers and teams have to be far cleverer than that. That’s why F1 engineers prepare for a race about three to four weeks in advance, studying old data previously recorded on the track, feeding it into a simulator, and combining it with their latest knowledge and experience of the cars.

It ought to come as no surprise that F1 teams have many IT & Cybersecurity sponsors and technological partners.

At Monaco Digital, we’re working with organizations every day to be more efficient, agile and innovative while protecting their data. We believe in the unrealized potential that technology can help unlock.

How does stay cyber-resilient in the face of today’s threats? Join the legendary Pat Symonds (CTO @ Formula 1) and Danny Allan (CTO @ Veeam) for an exclusive webinar on June 1st. A must-watch, especially for racing fans! Register today.


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