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Hi, at the moment, the trend is for VPNs. So much the better because VPN is a best practice (security habit to build), especially in businesses. If your sent all your employees home and they are now struggling with your corporate network access, but you don’t have time or knowledge to build, optimize and maintain your own VPN infrastructure, Veeam PN to the rescue (working from home with Veeam PN Blog Post).

Veeam Availability Suite 11

Veeam Powered Network (Veeam PN) is a free Veeam solution that supplements the Veeam functionality of restore to cloud repositories (Azure, Amazon EC2) and initially allows you to create a VPN connection between remote sites over the public network. Veeam PN uses Wireguard and OpenVPN and can be installed on your own server (via an install script) or on your hypervisor (or those of other Cloud Providers like Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2) using an OVA provided (Virtual Machine). Next, let’s talk about software-defined networking. Personally, I’m strongly against jumping on the coronavirus topic as a vehicle to promote any paid products or services, as I find this simply immoral in the current circumstances. So I immediately told myself I won’t advertise anything along these lines. But when Anton Gostev shared this blog post, I realized this was actually safe to share, simply because Veeam does not have a paid alternative to this free product in principle. Veeam PN also lets you set up a VPN exclusively for on-premises networks. This scenario lets you extend the company network and make resources in one remote site available to machines and users in another remote site. For example, you can join several company networks into a single private network or allow machines and users from company branch offices to connect to the company datacenter.

COVID 19 versus companies’ needs:

  • (In)sufficient Bandwidth,
  • Secure connection to the office (VPN),
  • Enough devices for home office,
  • Security considerations with private and unmanaged devices.

About Data Protection and Governance, do not hesitate to read these blog posts:

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Site-to-site VPN functionality of Veeam PN is based on WireGuard technology. WireGuard does not support TCP, but Veeam PN eliminates this limitation by tunneling UDP encrypted traffic in the TCP tunnel. WireGuard has significant performance advantage compared to OpenVPN:

  • It is implemented inside the Linux kernel, so no userspace-kernel cycles wasted,
  • WireGuard scales up to all available CPU’s (not stuck only on one CPU as in case of OpenVPN).

To let the remote users access the VPN organized with Veeam PN, you must set up OpenVPN on the user computer and configure it in a proper way. The user side does not require a site gateway or a public-facing IP address or DNS name. Whenever a remote user needs to communicate with a machine in the VPN, it establishes a connection to the network hub. The network hub then routes traffic to necessary resources in the VPN.

Let us start with downloading the OVA File. Such as Veeam B&R, Veeam Backup for Office 365, etc., the installation is very easy. You can follow this step by step guide (great blog post): How Veeam can help you in hard corona times! (for free!)

And if you are looking for the password to access to the OVA:

username : root 
password : VeeamPN

Remember to change the password the first time you log in.

In France, even the famous Korben shared a blog post about Veeam PN!

Take care and #StayAtHome.

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