VeeamON 2019 Coverage – v10 is coming!

This week, I participate at VeeamON 2019 in Miami (United States) as Veeam Partner & Veeam Vanguard. By the way is at full capacity this year! Over 80% of the breakout sessions are technical this time, which is the best distribution ever! So be sure those of you attending will not regret it…

Veeam Availability Suite 11

And… Yesterday, Anton Gostev introduced Veeam Availability Suite v10 at VeeamON 2019 main stage. Great set of technical demo’s from the general session, really good work of Veeam Team! Read all the latest updates from Veeam Software below…

VeeamON 2019 Miami Ratmir Stage

At VeeamON 2019, Fontainebleau – Miami Beach, Veeam started to announce some features which will be integrated into the next release of Veeam: Veeam Availability Suite v10. Then, Veeam Evangelists were talking about new products such as Veeam DataLabs, Capacity Tier, NAS Backup, Data integrations, Direct restore to VMware, Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2 (VAO), Veeam Backup for Office365 v3, Veeam Availability Console v3, Veeam Backup & Replication for Microsoft Azure etc. Most important via this post is to show you the components which will let you manage easier your backup infrastructure. The new release allows you to improve your security policy and 3-2-1-0 rule (3 backups on 2 different medias with 1 offsite backup + 1 offline backup) so 3 copies of your data and to meet your modern data restoration needs. Basically, you will be able to move from low RPO to continuous Data Protection!

VeeamON 2019 Miami Anton Stage

I left for Miami on Friday 17, May 2019. You can find my trip on my Twitter feed (@c_glemot). The number one reason to attend was specifically Veeam Availability Suite v10 – VeeamON was where Veeam had first announced and demo top v10 features (Anton Gostev’s Sneak Peek) and Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2 overview. This event let the company make more educated decisions for your 2019 IT investments. Besides, there also was an incredible amount of field knowledge shared (Partner session, deep dive, Veeam Evangelists session, VMCE training etc.) that you can use right now for Veeam products versions which are generally available. As a Veeam-powered services Partner in Monaco and France: Veeam Service Provider – Veeam Gold Partner (Monaco Digital – Avangarde) and Blogger, VeeamON was very interesting.

VeeamON 2019 Miami Coverage

Vision & Strategy overview:

Veeam’s vision: to be the most trusted of Cloud Data Management solutions to meet the expectations of a world that demands the availability, agility and business acceleration of data. Data Management is the new expectation for data in today’s enterprise. Data must move to a new state of intelligence, able to automatically anticipate the need and meet demand. Data must securely move across multi-cloud infrastructures. And data must meet the expectations of the mobile, always-on world. Cloud Data Management brings new insights from data and rapid increases in productivity to speed the pace of innovation and the delivery of new digital services and experiences that improve how we live work. An enterprise securely automates the provisioning and management of the massive, constant flow of data running across multi-cloud infrastructures. This automated orchestration of data requires an evolution in how data is managed from policy-driven to behavior-driven, levegaring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to enable data to backup-up autonomously, migrate to the right location based on need, secure itself during anomalous activity, and recover instantaneously. Enterprises that run on Veeam solutions respond faster to any business need, gain multifold improvements inefficiencies, and have far greater agility to deliver new digital services and experiences that improve how we live and work.

VeeamON 2019 Miami Vision

Veeam’s strategy: Data changes everything – To provide the most complete trusted platform for Cloud Data Management that ensures business continuity, reduces risk and accelerates innovation. With Digital Transformation, data has the potential to bring far greater value to our lives and businesses. But today’s data is very different from yesterday’s data, as is the environment in which it lives. Every customer interaction, every employee task, every company operation, every business transaction leaves a trail of data that can be stored and later mined for insights. But only if the organization is prepared and able to do so. Otherwise, the full value of that data is lost.

VeeamON 2019 Miami Strategy

Challenge: Data Governance of Backup?

The sheer amount of data and its rapid growth is a massive challenge. The size of the digital universe is at least doubling every two years. That means more than 50 fold growth of data in a little over a decade. Human and machine-generated data together are growing 10x faster than traditional business data, and machine data alone is growing at 50x the rate of traditional business data. As data grow and change so do the costs of managing it, not just storing, securing and moving it from place to place but also the lost opportunity costs of not having data where and when you need it, of missed insights, of flawed analysis. There is not only much more data, but there’s also much more data everywhere. Today, apps and data may be located anywhere in the world, in private clouds, public clouds, managed clouds, SaaS clouds, locked in legacy apps and disparate databases with fragmentary ownership, trapped in data silos, lost amongst a myriad of often incompatible devices, systems, and processes. More and more data being generated from emerging sources like Edge Computing and the IoT. We are entering an age where data is produced by nearly everything. Compliance with new regulations like GDPR fo into effect anywhere and that it’s always available for services and users.

VeeamON 2019 Miami Data

10M blu ray discs stacked the size of 4 Eiffel towers… The amount of data that is created everyday!

Veeam Availability Suite v10 overview:

  • Capacity Tier, copy all backups (VBK) to object storage. Cloud makes a great home for backup, make it easy too do and people will use it.
  • VeeamON 2019 Capacity Tier

    VeeamON 2019 Capacity Tier

  • NAS Backup feature, restore entire share (CIFS, NFS, SMB Share and File Servers), rollback to a point in time and restore individual files and folders! They wanted it to “just work” and needed it to be consistent against any NAS repository.
  • VeeamON 2019 NAS

    VeeamON 2019 NAS

    VeeamON 2019 NAS

  • Direct Restore to VMware – New recoveries options: Instant Recovery to vSphere. Example: Recover a laptop into a Virtual Machine.
  • VeeamON 2019 Direct Restore to VMware

    VeeamON 2019 Direct Restore to VMware

  • Data integrations – This feature looks like data governance solution, exploring sensitive data such as credit cards etc. If correctly leveraged, Data Integrations could become the killer feature for advanced Data Management apps in Veeam environment.
  • VeeamON 2019 Data Integrations

Basically, Mike Resseler did a sneak peek of new Veeam Backup & Replication for Microsoft Azure:

VeeamON 2019 Microsoft Azure


Finally, it was an honor to be part of the #VeeamVanguard lin up at #VeeamON 2019. Enjoyed a great time there. Hope to see you next year again in Las Vegas! Thanks to Monaco Digital – Avangarde and Veeam especially Rick Vanover, Evangelists, Vanguards Staff etc.

VeeamON 2019 Miami Vanguards

VeeamON 2020 Las Vegas


GoT has nearly finished but VeeamON 2019 is coming!

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