Vanguard Summit 2019 – NAS Backup Sneak peek!

Hello! Finally, Veeam Backup and Replication v10 will be able to protect those SMB (CIFS) and NFS shares with a scalable disk-to-disk backup and numerous restore options, including share state rollback following the ransomware attack. Support for file shares and network-attached storage (NAS) backup. This was another huge request from Veeam’s customer base, as it’s not uncommon for the enterprises to have 10x more unstructured data than VMs. Michael Cade and Dmitry Popov presented the new NAS Backup feature at #VanguardSummit 2019 in Prague!

Veeam Availability Suite 11


NAS Backup feature, restore entire share (CIFS, NFS, SMB Share, and File Servers), rollback to a point in time and restore individual files and folders! They wanted it to “just work” and needed it to be consistent against any NAS repository.

Architecture and backup flow:

1 File Share = 1 Proxy:

Going deep into demo and configuration of this new feature coming in version 10::

Specify the File Share:

Specify the backup mode, here backup from native storage snapshot:

Define the proxies and Cache Repository, useful to speed up the processing and offload the unwanted resource consumption from the target repository:

Choose server for the new file proxy and the max concurrent tasks:

You can custom the iew to display the jobs matching the selected parameters:

Creating a Backup Job:

Specify files and folders to be backed up by this job:

You can add some filters and exclude masks (for example .ISO):

Then, specify target backup repository and file retention policy:

Click on “Advanced” button, you can choose ACL options (folder or Files & folders):

Granular features and support for NAS Backup::

Veeam offers 3 modes: Entire file share, Rollback to a point in time then File and folders:

Select the type of restore you want to perform:

Select a restore point to restore files from:

Specify automatic conflict resolution options:

Select file version to be restored:

Finaly, NAS Backup feature is available into Veeam Enterprise Manager (VEM), reports and File Shares:

Here’s a cool feedback from Anton. When Veeam selecting private beta participants, they prioritize challenging environments above all, so when this particular customer said he’s willing to do a test on the file share where “all other backup products failed,” Veeam Team could not resist passing this opportunity. Without detailing the specific use case, Anton is talking one file share with 1000 directories, and each directory having another 1000 sub-directories, for a total of 1 million directories. And each subdirectory has a few small files, with the total being 1.5M files occupying 2.5TB. So not too much data, but apparently a very challenging folder structure for most products… but not for Veeam! v10 beta, with a single backup proxy, took a full backup of that share in less than 6 hours – but the best part was that thanks to our innovative change tracking approach, daily incremental backups averaged just 30 minutes! The customer had only one thing to say after seeing this: WOW!

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