VMworld 2019 – Partner Forum Session digest

Hi, yesterday, Pat Gelsinger launched the VMworld 2019 with the general session In Barcelona. He said the job of VMware’s partners is to be the guide to the digital future on their joint customer journey. Today is the slowest day of the tech revolution for the rest of your life. It is VMware’s responsibility to ensure tech is used as a force for good. VMware multi-cloud strategy: Build, Run, Manage, Connect and Protect on any cloud.

Basically, VMware introduced Tanzu. VMware advances VMware Tanzu portfolio to accelerate the adoption of Kubernetes in the enterprise. The goal is to run your apps on VMware at the core, cloud or edge. Any device, any application, any cloud with intrinsic security. The writing has been on the wall with VMware and the recent acquisitions of various container focused companies. Let’s take a look at those three different aspects of the VMware Tanzu product portfolio and how they relate to their Kubernetes focused vSphere. Carbon Black allows VMware to offer built-in intrinsic security.

Digital Transformation evolution:

  • 2000: Server Virtualization
  • 2009: Software Defined Storage
  • 2012: Software Defined Network
  • 2014: Software Defined Digitzal Workspace
  • 2016: Multi-Cloud + Hybrid-Cloud

New VMware Partner Program to be launched soon:

  • Focus on master services competency,
  • Rewards partners with the highest levels of expertise.
  • Customers are focused on outcomes and partners should ensure they are focusing their business models on driving customer outcomes. Customer references prove outcomes. It’s VMware’s role to simplify complexity and provide opportunities. From VMware’s research customers are moving to a multi-cloud strategy. VMware is the best positioned to help customers achieve their Multi-Cloud vision across public and private clouds with VMware Cloud Foundation running across all major public cloud vendors and your data center.

    VMware Tanzu will be revolutionary for building, running and managing modern applications. VMware Partners need to be the strategic advisors to their customers leveraging VMware’s leading technology to help customers seize a digital future. The technologist who masters multi-cloud will own the next decade.

    Pat Gelsinger wrapping up the opening session VMworld talking about how we all need to work to make our world better and how VMware is helping.

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