Croisière IT 2019 | November 7 | Paris


Monaco Digital – Avangarde (Monaco Digital) will organize an IT cruise in Paris – November 7, 2019 [CROISIERE IT] Veeam, Quantum, Fortinet, Netwrix, F-Secure and Eaton! This event is a great partner enablement initiative for IT manager, Engineer, Security Consultant etc. Monaco Digital – Avangarde continues to display deep signs of growth as customers begin to understand the importance of Security and Availability as the cornerstone of their Digital Transformation strategy. The company has a powerful portfolio of solutions which ensures a high level of customer retention and satisfaction for our business. The IT leader in Monaco will host its an event in Paris with partners including Veeam, Quantum, Fortinet, F-Secure, Netwrix and Eaton. Registration is for free! 🙂

Basically, I have the opportunity to participate in one session in French as official Speaker (Veeam Vanguard) between Veeam and Quantum. We will introduce an offline backup method. Storing backups offline is the only sure-fire way to stop ransomware spreading to backups, as ransomware cannot leap to a drive that is not connected to the system.


CROISIERE IT 2019 is an event organized by Monaco Digital – Avangarde and his sparkling partners in France. A half day of demonstrations and workshops to talk about Security, Availability, Data Protection & Governance. The event will take place on a special place (a boat!): “Yachts de Paris – L’Acajou ”- November 7, 2019. You can find more information about the event here (register).


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