Apr 18

VeeamON Forum France 2018 is coming!

Veeam is organizing the VeeamON Forum 2018 in Paris in May with partner companies such as Nutanix, Quantum, and ExaGrid. The planned presentations deal with both strategic topics and industry trends as well as technical aspects, which are important for the availability of data. View full agenda on the website. In addition to the concentrated specialist information, the social and the networking are not too short. In addition to a joint lunch, there is also a final evening with a nice evening with a raffle.

VeeamON Forum Paris

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Apr 03

Step by Step Guide Veeam Availability Orchestrator Install

Every day, we learn a company has experienced a serious disaster in the operation of the IT infrastructure, which has led to serious financial loss and reputational impact. System failure is the first thing that comes to mind when possible risks are calculated for the operation of IT services and the organization as a whole. However, more often than not there are other reasons: the human factor, equipment disruptions, power cuts, malware, data corruption. All this can lead to a complete shutdown of systems and applications. The successful emergency switchover to a backup site (planned or urgent) will be poor if you don’t take care to the process, the switching plan / Recovery Plan, and if you don’t update it in a timely manner and don’t test it at the right time. Incorrectly specified dependencies of Machines and Applications, undocumented changes, incorrect processes, unverified applications and services, the incorrect sequence of Virtual Machines started from Replicas are just some of the problems that can prevent successfully switching both one application and the whole data center. For this reason, Veeam recently released a new Veeam Availability Orchestrator solution to automate the management of VM replicas when switching to a backup site (the first version of the solution supports Virtual Machines on the VMware vSphere platform).

This article provides a step by step guide to install Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO) (version 1.0). VAO allows ensuring Disaster Recovery compliance through a reliable, automatically tested and documented DR plan (automated Disaster Recovery and Recovery Plan, automated documentation DR plan, automated testing with Virtual Labs etc.).

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Mar 25

ReFS – Microsoft releases new stability fixes (KB4098787)

Hi, last week Microsoft has finally released the ReFS stability fixes KB4098787 (from KB4077525) for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 that fixes ReFS lockup problems with Veeam repositories. I wrote about the changelog a few weeks ago. Another change is that this update will be downloaded and installed automatically from Windows Update (although you can still get the standalone package from the Microsoft Update Catalog). As you may remember, the Windows Server 2016 version of the original package has been recalled due to an unrelated quality issue. But, in the known issues section of the updated article, there’s another issue around antivirus compatibility now. Could this be the reason why some users saw no improvement after installing the original patch… Although the more likely reason is lack of RAM on a repository server, as Microsoft is still working on optimizing ReFS memory pressure, and this particular fix looks to be scheduled for the April update.

New - Windows Server 2016

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Mar 06

Veeam Vanguard 2018 – #Level3 !

Hi, today I received a great new from Rick Vanover. I have been selected for the Veeam Vanguard program for the 3rd year! Honored and proud to be selected as a Veeam Vanguard 2018 then congratulations to all the returning and new Vanguard! 🙂

What is “Veeam Vanguard” program?

Veeam Vanguard

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Feb 26

ReFS – Microsoft releases cumulative update 4077525!

Hi, last week Microsoft has finally released the ReFS stability patch KB4077525 (February 22, 2018) for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 that fixes ReFS lockup problems with Veeam repositories. In the “Last Word from Gostev, he wrote that in the change log, there are just a couple of modest lines about ReFS performance improvements, some of the affected users will see performance improve from zero (due to file server lockups) to nominal. It just does not translate a real magnitude of the issue, and the complexity of bugs behind…

New - Windows Server 2016

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