VeeamONForum France Recap!

Yesterday, VeeamON Forum France 2018 took place in Paris (Palais Brongniart). If you participated, you may have noticed that Veeam decided to do things a little differently this year, showcasing how much they focus on Cloud technology. In between discussions about Cloud backups and disaster recovery with Veeam, Veeam’s Speakers were talking about large-scale multi-cloud infrastructures. Then, Veeam Evangelists were talking about new features such as Veeam DataLabs, Staged Restore, Quarantine, Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO), Veeam Backup for Office365 v2, Veeam Agents, Veeam Availability for AWS (Amazon), Veeam with Microsoft Azure, GDPR etc.

At this point, you may be wondering what GDPR have to do with the Cloud, with Veeam or with anything at all. But don’t fret Serge Robe and Stephane Berthaud came up with a little recap to show you how Veeam protects data in according to GDPR compliance…

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Basically, VeeamON Forum 2018 also brought us some product announcements, technical sessions and market updates from the Veeam France team. Original-Network IT Blog was one of main Media Partner of the event. Here is my top recap and thanks to Veeam for his trust once again!

There are five stages for the Hyper-Availability (Veeam vision):

  • Stage 1, Backup: Back up all workloads and ensure they are always recoverable in the event of outages, attack, loss, or theft.
  • Stage 2, Aggregation: Ensure protection and availability of data across multi-cloud environments to drive digital services and ensure the aggregated view of service level compliance.
  • Stage 3, Visibility: Improve management of data across multi-cloud environments with clear, unified visibility and control into usage, performance issues, and operations; data management begins to evolve from reactive to proactive, preventing any loss of data availability through advanced monitoring, resource optimization, capacity planning, and built-in intelligence.
  • Stage 4, Orchestration: Seamlessly move data to the best location across multi-cloud environments to ensure business continuity, compliance, security, and optimal use of resources for business operations. This requires an orchestration engine that enables enterprises to easily and non-disruptively execute test, and document disaster recovery (DR) plans in a highly-automated fashion.
  • Stage 5, Automation: Data becomes self-managing by learning to back itself up, migrate to ideal locations based on business needs, secure itself during anomalous activity, and recover instantaneously. This stage brings new levels of automation to enterprise data management via a combination of data analysis, pattern recognition, and machine learning.

According to Paul, Veeam has moved to a true multi-cloud environment:

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Paul Mattes – VP, Global Cloud Group

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Veeam announced its new Veeam DataLabs feature set (improvement of Virtual Lab), which will be in both its VAS – Veeam Availability Suite and VAO – Veeam Availability Orchestrator. DataLabs is a combination of critical application backups and network configurations that provide a safe environment for testing, audits, analytics and simulation, all of which will enable Veeam customers to dive more deeply into Intelligent Data Management. During his session, Stephane highlighted how to best utilize the power of Veeam ONE especially Business View to proactively monitor not only Veeam but any other virtualized infrastructure in your environment. Veeam ONE provides deep, intelligent monitoring and reporting for your entire environment, delivering the dashboard and intelligence reports you need to maintain and manage consistent Availability. Then, Veeam Backup for Office 365 version 2 adds protection for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive (in addition of Exchange), as well as major ease-of-use and backup flexibility improvements in a newly redesigned job wizard that makes setting up, searching and maintaining visibility into your data easier than ever.

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Arnaud Quenum – Enterprise Systems Engineer

What we know so far about sensitive data and Veeam feedback regarding GDPR compliance explained at VeeamON Forum by Serge Robe and Stephane Berthaud.

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Serge Robe – Director Product Marketing EMEA& Stéphane Berthaud – Director Systems Engineering Fr

The first step of managing your data is knowing your data! 5 Lessons Learned overview: Know, manage, and protect your data. Then document and continuous improvement:

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Veeam can help you with these articles on data protection (GDPR):

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Serge Robe – Director Product Marketing EMEA- APJ

New feature “Staged Restore” allow using the same cleanup script you would use in a production environment within a staged restore workflow, before migrating the VM free of personal data back into production.

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Finally, “Quarantine” (antivirus) new feature allows you to scan backup files before recovering your data. Process: Scanning your image level restores during the restore process to avoid risk re-propagation.

VeeamON Forum France 2018

Recap – Features coming Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 U4 (Beta July):

  • Infinite Storage – Tiering with S3, maybe Azure Blob
  • Forget me not: Make restore GDPR compliant
  • Quarantine: Anti-X protection in restore
  • Nanny: Log analysis in Veeam ONE
  • R2D2: Direct restore to Amazon ECS

Thanks to Monaco Informatique Service – Avangarde and Veeam France team especially Serge Roge, Stéphane Berthaud, Regis Etienne, SE team, Olga, Mariia, Galina and my mate Eric Machabert.

VeeamONForum Serge Stephane Vanguards

What’s next? In few days, I will participate at #SecureITDay 2018 in Monaco as official Speaker (Veeam Vanguard) between Veeam and Monaco Informatique Service – Avangarde. Basically, I will present new vision & strategy 2018 of Veeam Software and introduced with the upcoming Veeam Availability Suite v9.5 Update 4 and other Veeam Availability solutions that will transform digital lives.


VeeamON Chicago – Vision & Strategy 2018 – Recap!

Interview – Q&A about Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 U3: Veeam Blog

Veeam Availability Suite – New licensing option (per-VM) Guide.

If you need to upgrade your Veeam Backup Server (v9 or v9.5) you can follow this article.


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