Veeam Availability Suite – New licensing option (per-VM)

Last week, Veeam has launched a huge product licensing change that some of our customers have been asking for the per Virtual Machine licensing option. As you know, previously Veeam Software has sold their products for virtual infrastructure to end users strictly on per-socket basis. And most customers loved it because they did not need to worry about the number of VMs they are protecting. But in certain edge cases, such as heavy ROBO (Remote Office / Branch Office) environments, this was not a very good deal as end-users sometimes had to license 2 sockets running just a couple of VMs.

Veeam Availability Suite 10

On the other hand, from renting the same products to our service providers on per-VM basis, Veeam saw a lot of positive feedback regarding how this allows their clients to avoid upfront costs and get started with minimal investment – as opposed to having to spend a lot of money upfront (aka capital expenditure). So, they decided to blend the best of both worlds together in the new, per-VM subscription licensing option for end users. You can select any number of VMs which (minimum 5 VMs), unlike with per-socket license, you can exceed slightly and there are 1 to 5 year subscription licenses available with significant discounts on a longer subscription, also depending on how you purchase. Another big benefit of subscription licenses is that they already include Premium 24×7 support whereas, with perpetual licenses, you need to pay on-going support and maintenance fees every year. All of these benefits can make subscription a more attractive and cheaper option sometimes, depending on your use case. But of course, as with any subscription, the catch is that you don’t own the product forever as is the case with a perpetual license. Then, you CAN’T mix on per-socket licensing with per-VM licensing… Basically, it seems unfortunate for end users based on their main site (HQ) and small remote sites with some VMs. Migration options for perpetual clients: 1 socket = 10 VMs (example: 6 sockets = 60 VMs, 8 sockets= 80 VMs etc.). The new licensing option is now live on (just open a pricing page for Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE or any of their bundles).

Veeam Availability Suite 10


You can learn more here.

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