GoT has nearly finished but VeeamON 2019 is coming!


I’m be pleased to participate once again in the VeeamON 2019 event, which takes place from May 20 to 22 in the United States, more precisely in Miami, Florida! I left for Miami last Friday to assist at VMCE Orchestration training powered by Rasmus himself (BETA class), 2 days before the conference! We can meet up on-premise, let me know (@c_glemot). 😉

VeeamON 2019

There will be numerous technical sessions regarding the products and solutions that Veeam offers, Hands-On Labs will also be available so that the participants of the event can experiment in practice through guided laboratories and those who have an interest can carry out Veeam certification training (VMCE – VMCE-ADO – VAO). In addition, leading players such as Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, NetApp will be present demonstrating their new solutions. I recommend to all those who have the opportunity to attend. For those who go to the event, be sure to let me know so we can meet and chat. Besides, there also will be an incredible amount of field knowledge shared that you can use right now for Veeam products versions which are generally available.

VeeamON 2019

About Veeam Availability Orchestrator:

Every day, we learn a company has experienced a serious disaster in the operation of the IT infrastructure, which has led to serious financial loss and reputational impact. System failure is the first thing that comes to mind when possible risks are calculated for the operation of IT services and the organization as a whole. However, more often than not there are other reasons: the human factor, equipment disruptions, power cuts, malware, data corruption. All this can lead to a complete shutdown of systems and applications. The successful emergency switchover to a backup site (planned or urgent) will be poor if you don’t take care to the process, the switching plan / Recovery Plan, and if you don’t update it in a timely manner and don’t test it at the right time. Incorrectly specified dependencies of Machines and Applications, undocumented changes, incorrect processes, unverified applications and services, the incorrect sequence of Virtual Machines started from Replicas are just some of the problems that can prevent successfully switching both one application and the whole data center. For this reason, Veeam recently released new Veeam Availability Orchestrator version (v2) to automate the management of VM replicas when switching to a backup site.

VAO beta Class

Stay tuned!

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  2. […] has nearly finished but VeeamON 2019 is […]

  3. […] has nearly finished but VeeamON 2019 is […]

  4. […] has nearly finished but VeeamON 2019 is […]

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