Why you should protect your Data in the right way?


I have written an article about Data Protection in French for “SMART DSI” magazine (Edition 2018, September). This is a French IT magazine intended for IT Manager and Business Manager. The topic is “Data Protection – Think Differently”. Basically, the article is written in French. As you know Data is the engine of Digital Transformation. It is the lifeblood of applications, the currency of business, the beating heart of digital life. Enjoy it!


There is not only much more data, but there’s also much more data everywhere. Today, apps and data may be located anywhere in the world in private Clouds, public Clouds, managed Clouds, SaaS Clouds, locked in legacy apps and disparate databases with fragmentary ownership, trapped in data silos, lost amongst a myriad of often incompatible devices, systems, and processes. In addition, more and more data is being generated from emerging sources like edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). We are entering an age where data is produced by nearly everything cars, thermostats, and household appliances as well as servers, workstations, and mobile devices.


Today, availability is based on policy-based mechanisms where data is often manually relocated to optimize cost and performance or to recover from a security intrusion. Tomorrow’s availability must evolve into a more autonomous model where the system reacts and adjusts automatically to any significant changes in the behavior of data, apps, or users anywhere across the enterprise. This level of automation is a big leap from where we are today. How can we bridge that gap from where we are to where we need to go? Keep in mind that Data Protection is crucial for ensuring the security of YOUR data… My opinion is based on this Life Cycle: Data Protection = Cybersecurity approach + Data Governance + Modern Backup & Disaster Recovery.

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