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I was interviewed by @LeMagIT about Veeam Availability Suite v10 during VeeamON New Orleans. This is a french IT website intended for IT Manager and CIO. The topic is “Veeam: Cloud Backup &nd Business Continuity Plan”. Basically, the article is written in French but it’s a good way to learn a beautiful language.

Veeam Availability Suite 10

Link: LeMagIT Website – May 2017

Two months ago, I participated at VeeamON 2017 in New Orleans (United States) as Veeam Vanguard. It was the world’s premier availability event. Peter McKay, new co-CEO and President at Veeam Software told: “During the event, we shared our vision for how Veeam is committed to delivering seamless Digital Life experiences to users across the globe. With new innovations across Veeam Availability Suite and Veeam Availability Platform, we are revolutionizing the way enterprises deliver ‘Always-On’ Cloud Availability and how they operate in Multi-Cloud environments. The feedback from the event has been outstanding. More will follow on this soon, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news and information on VeeamON 2018, coming soon.” So, the next VeeamON 2018 will take place in Chicago, May 14 to 18, 2018!

About Veeam Vanguard program:

The Veeam Vanguard program is a selection of experts (Top 50 Veeam Influencers worldwide) that Veeam Software has considered relevant to promote the values of Veeam (understand the products and are closest peers in IT). This program will be both much like other award programs you may be familiar with yet different in our own way (for example Microsoft “MVP” community). Some Vanguards are bloggers, partners, customers, influencers others are very active users (Veeam forum), others are Spiceworks where users share content and answers about Veeam etc. Veeam Vanguards are people who embrace Veeam the best in their respective communities. They come from all backgrounds and are spread across different products. Anthony Spiteri (Evangelist at Veeam) announced: “this year we have 62 members at last count and as a former member of the Vanguard’s I can tell you that we, in the Technical Product Marketing team are looking forward to helping the 2017 crop get the most out of the program“. The best way to follow Veeam Vanguards is to follow the official Twitter account @VeeamVanguard and hashtag #VeeamVanguard.

About Monaco Informatique Service:

Monaco Informatique Service is the leader in IT services and Digital Transformation in Monaco and is growing strongly in France. The company collaborates with differents partners such as Veeam Gold Partner, VMware Professional Solution Provider, Microsoft Partner, DataCore Gold Solution Partner, Dell etc. Monaco Informatique Service is now one of the most recognized and certified of Veeam’s partners in France and in Europe: 1 Veeam Vanguard & 3 Veeam Certified Engineers (VMCE). This Dream Team will allow building the most optimized offers for the customers (design) in particular for on-premise project, Cloud project, offsite backup project, Disaster Recovery project, data protection, training, support and capacity planning. Website:

You can learn more abour Veeam v10 here.

You can learn more Veeam Availability Suite 10 – Veeam CDP Overview.

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