Backup Service does not start after Veeam B&R 9 U2 Install!

Update 2 for Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 has been generally available for a week now, and Veeam has not much to report except one upgrade problem that seems fairly common. You can find more information about the release here. If you have minimal possible SQL permissions on the Veeam service account (“db_datareader” and “db_datawriter” roles only), then the service will not have enough privileges to make the required updates to the configuration database, causing it to fail to start after the upgrade. Veeam has tested and confirmed that temporarily lifting the role to “db_owner” allows the upgrade to complete. However, there were also a couple of users who said they had to grant sysadmin role (as “db_owner” was not enough), these cases have been investigated by Veeam so you can read more of this article!

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2

Application Event Log:

    The service can not be started. Veeam.Backup.DBCreator.DatabaseException: Failed to deploy database. Alter failed for Database ‘Veeam’.
    Veeam.Backup.Service.CVbServiceImpl..ctor(CVbEnvironment env, CTerminationMediator terminator)
    Veeam.Backup.Service.CVeeamBackupSvc.OnStart(String[] args)
    System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(Object state)

However, the Service account is the same as prior the update. The account successfully logs on to the SQL Server.

According with the User Guide this sysadmin rights are not neccessary. The account used to run Veeam Backup Service requires “db_datareader” and “db_datawriter” roles as well as permissions to execute stored procedures for the configuration database on the Microsoft SQL Server. Alternatively, you can assign “db_owner” role for this database to the service account.

Gostev reported the cause on the Veeam official forumOK, we’ve found the real cause: db_owner on Veeam configuration database is indeed sufficient, it is another permission elsewhere that is lacking. (Code: VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied on object ‘server’, database ‘master’). The failing query is required to obtain some information regarding Veeam configuration database from SQL Server, and this information resides in the system table. But depending on SQL Server version, accounts may not have a privilege to view system table content by default.


To fix the problem, you can temporarily grant the Veeam Service Account sysadmin rights on the SQL server to get the service to start. Once that was done, the sysadmin rights can be removed and the Veeam Backup Service starts and stops fine.


Need to deploy Veeam B&R 9 Update2? Follow this guide!

You can learn more about Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 here.


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