Spectre and Meltdown – Intel identified the root cause…

Hi, just few days ago, Intel had received reports from a few customers of higher system reboots after applying firmware updates (reboot issues we reported Jan. 11). As of January 22, 2018, Intel did not recommend installing patches regarding reboot issues and unpredictable system behavior. Intel seems to have nailed the root cause of intermittent reboots of Broadwell and Haswell CPU based computers that started to happen after installing the initial firmware updates and fixed the bug…

It was a complicated choice for customers but on the other hand, how do you balance quality vs. delivery time with critical security issues like these? It’s certainly a really tough call for QC management with all the concurrent pressure from everyone to release as soon as possible.We have now identified the root cause for Broadwell and Haswell platforms, and made good progress in developing a solution to address it. Over the weekend, we began rolling out an early version of the updated solution to industry partners for testing, and we will make a final release available once that testing has been completed.” (Source: INTEL / Root Cause of Reboot Issue Identified – Updated Guidance for Customers and Partners).

Then, Google claims to have invented a brilliant fix that unlike existing approaches does not come with a performance penalty sounds too good to be true, but we shall see. One thing for sure, Google has really shown themselves as a thought leader in the industry, and arguably they are by far the biggest winner in this whole disaster. Just think about them vs. any other IT gorilla in the context of Spectre – Meltdown, and their respective roles. Google clearly demonstrated everyone which company has all the expertise and top scientists these days.


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