Error with SAS HBAs and ALUA on SCv 20XX

You tried to create a server on a “Compellent SCv 2000” storage (or an other SAN model) with Dell Enterprise Manager Client version But you encounter this problem: “Error. The selected operating system cannot be used with SAS HBAs. You must select and operating system that supports ALUA.” This message appears when you try to create a server like VMware ESXi 6.0 operating system (or other) with the HBA that the server uses to send IO requests to the storage center and for mapping volumes.

I have not found the solution on Internet so I will explain you below. 😉.

Basically, the problem doesn’t come from storage controllers or ESXi hypervisors. What is the problem there? It comes from your management client version “Enterprise Manager Client v.” on the ALUA. Enterprise Manager (EM) Dell Storage Client allows an administrator to manage a Dell Storage SCv2000 – SCv2020 – SCv2080 system. It simplifies storage resource management by providing comprehensive monitoring and management of all local and remote Dell Compellent Storage Center systems. This version (v. is bugged and should not be used. You have to downgrade your management client.

Here two management clients that I tried and they work well:

    -Enterprise Manager Client version Download here
    -Enterprise Manager Client version – – Download here

Click “Download here” now to download the file. When the file download window appears, click “Save” to save to your hard drive. Follow the instructions provided by the Installation Wizard. Review installation documents found under Manuals & documentation for your Dell Storage SCv20XX.

For information about Dell Compellent SCv 2000 and 2020, see the “Delle Storage Center – Deployment Guide” .

Hope this post will help you! 🙂 .

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