Veeam B&R 9 – Some new features announced!

In the upcoming Veeam Backup & Replication v9 release, Veeam announced some new features. Veeam B&R 9 should be available in Q4 of 2015.

On June 4, I was present at the “VeeamON Forum” in Paris. It was the first big event for availability of data and disaster recovery in Europe. Ratmir Timashev came for this event and did the welcoming speech in the plenary session!

Ratmir Timashev – CEO Veeam Software

Ratmir Timashev – CEO Veeam Software – Paris, June 4 2015

On this occasion, Veeam started to announce some features which will be integrated into the next release of Veeam: Veeam B&R 9. The experts did not talk about feature retail but the most important is to show you these components which will let you managing easier your backup infrastructure. New release allows you to improve your security policy and 3-2-1 rule (3 backups on 2 medias with 1 offsite backup) so 3 copies of your data and to meet your modern data restoration needs.

Veeam 9 announced...

New features announced during the VeeamON Forum in Paris:

    -Integration with EMC “VNX” and “VNXe” snapshots,
    -Integration with HP “StoreOnce Catalyst”,
    -Improved replication: realize your replication directly in the cloud with “Veeam Cloud Connect Replication”,
    -Veeam Explorer for Oracle,
    -Improved Veeam Explorer for SQL, Exchange, AD and SharePoint,
    -Improved protection: improve DR protection by creating backup job directly from secondary NetApp storage snapshots with SnapVault and SnapMirror,
    -Manage your Veeam Backup Server directly from a remote console (desktop or server), forever eliminating RDP sessions to a backup server,
    -On-Demand Sandbox (Virtual Lab) for Storage Snapshots (EMC, NetApp and HP),
    -Direct NFS Access: Perform VMware backups faster and with reduced impact on your virtual environment by backing up directly from file-based (NFS) primary storage using Veeam’s proprietary NFS client,
    -Improved Tapes management: native GFS retention, enable Parallel Processing and support of media pools from multiple libraries,
    Unlimited Scale-out Backup Repository (managing some repositories as one main repository to improve backup job management and performance, then reduce storage hardware spending.

You can learn more here.

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