Hyper-V 2016 New Features – Nested Virtualization (Part 4)

Hyper-V is the Microsoft’s virtualization platform that allows creating virtual infrastructures under Windows and/or Linux (Hyper-V 2016 Overview and Architecture Guide). Virtualization makes it possible to cohabit in isolation several operating systems on the same physical server (Hypervisor). Hyper-V 2016 version has been improved by Microsoft then they released a lot of new features such as network, installation mode, Nano Server, Virtual Machines and Security, administration, Windows Containers,QoS for storage, rolling Hyper-V Cluster upgrade, improved ReFS (Resilient File System), and virtual hard disk. Here’s the post to introduce Hyper-V 2016 and Nested Virtualization.

Original Network - Hyper-v 2016

Nested Virtualization is a feature allows adding a Virtualization layer to a Virtual Machine. The goal is to virtualize a Hyper-V node. The Nested Virtualization has to be used in a test environment. You should not use it in a production environment, basically, you will not get the performance you’re looking for with this technology. Nested Virtualization is managed at Hyper-V level on Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10. Please find below how Hyper-V works WITHOUT Nested Virtualization technology:

Please find below how Hyper-V works WITH Nested Virtualization technology:

To use Nested Virtualization, the following requirements must be respected:

  • At least 4GB of RAM on the virtualized Hyper-V;
  • The processor has to support virtualization (Intel-VT) and EPT;
  • A node running Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 with the anniversary update;
  • And Virtual Machine in version 8.0 or superior.

How To Set Up Hyper-V Nested Virtualization in Windows Server 2016 by VirtualizationReview.com. Note that only Hyper-V is supported in a nested VM; Microsoft won’t support VMware’s ESXi or another virtualization platform inside a Hyper-V VM and be supported (although it works).


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